West Jet Wine Tasting, Kelowna

The WestJet Wine Tastings event took place this weekend, and as I’m sure you can imagine, or I suppose agree if you were lucky enough to attend, it was a wonderful event. The beauty of these events is that the best wines of the Okanagan come to you! Never is it easier to taste wines from a wide variety of our beloved wineries that span the Valley, from the far reaches of the up-and coming Shuswap region, to the tested and true South Okanagan. Though the spectacular view of vineyards and scenic vistas may be lacking, the company of hundreds of fellow like-minded wine lovers is enough to make you forget about the view. While I may not have known all the other attendees, I did know that they shared the same appreciation for wines, and that is enough to be sure that I was surrounded by friends.
On a grand scale, the event showcased wines, organized by region, from 49 local wineries. This event is extra special as the first white releases of the 2013 harvest are featured. On a small scale, this event allows an intimate experience with each of the wines, as well as the representatives of each winery. Not only do you get to know the latest vintage, you are also chatting with the easy-going and knowledgeable people directly involved with the wineries! If you thought you loved Okanagan wines, they’ll give you a run for your money!
While I love all wines, a few stood out to me. The smooth buttery-ness of the Poplar Grove’s very slightly oaked Chardonnay, the uplifting bubbles of Summerhill’s Brut crafted in the traditional style, the refreshing Gewurztraminer from Ruby Blues, the delicious Chenin from Quails’  Gate, and so many others. A new experience for me was the honey mead from Meadow Vista.  If you’ve stuck to wine made with grapes, this is an exciting avenue to explore for a little something different.  A step away from the traditional, or perhaps a step way back to the traditional, I found myself allured by the Ostara from Meadow Vista. There is nothing like being transported back in time through the scent and taste of spiced mead, hand seasoned with care by the lovely winemaker herself. Thanks for the experience Meadow Vista! The magic of wine will always delight me.
Yes, this event was a success, with the only downfall being that I didn’t get to taste them all. Thank you to the coordinators for knowing that there is nothing that would please us more than to sip on the new releases of our favorites, and for giving us the opportunity to find new favorites to add to our must have lists! If you missed the event, or like me wet your palette and thereby whet your appetite for local wines, be sure to head to these wineries and taste the goodness that they have to offer! You won’t be disappointed.


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