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Watch this quick video and meet Senka and Bob from Terravista

Meet Terravista Vineyards

Terravista Vineyards makes premium, vibrant wines on the Naramata Bench that are complex, fruity and floral. These wines are made to cultivate shared moments that connect people.
Bob and Senka Tennant have been in the wine game since 2001 when they began the highly regarded Black Hills Estate Winery in Osoyoos. The cult favorite Nota Bene brought them recognition and success. They left that venture behind but Senka knew that she wanted to continue expressing herself as a winemaker.  Bob and Senka love spending their vacation time in international wine regions; discovering local wine, food, and culture. Looking for inspiration and perspective they found themselves in Spain. They loved the unique grape varietals and turned their focus to planting Spanish whites. Even as a young winemaker, Senka enjoyed working with white varietals because they are a unique challenge and can show unparalleled complexity.
Bob is a viticulturist and Senka is a winemaker.  Passionate about culture and the simple beauties of life, they both wear their heart on their sleeve and make wine because they love it. Terravista wine is about enjoying the joys of food, wine and coming together. Wine is incorporated into the fabric of their lives so Bob and Senka are hoping to connect with those who appreciate Terravista wine. Terravista marches to the beat of their own drum so they didn’t hesitate to be the first in Canada to plant Albariño and Verdejo.
Albariño and Verdejo are lively grape varietals commonly found in Spain and Portugal. They were an innovative choice that suited the south-west facing, rocky slope of the home vineyard called 
Lone Hand Ranch Vineyard. Fandango is the flagship wine because it is a field blend of both the Albarino and Verdejo. This means that the two grape varietals are grown, harvested and fermented together. To date internationally and locally, this is the only known blend of Verdejo and Albarino. These grapes are not typically blended in Spain, but the Okanagan Valley is a young and progressive region where creativity is encouraged. They also grow Viognier, Roussanne and purchase a handful of Syrah from Hardman Vineyards on the Naramata Bench. This lineup of whites is mouthwatering and complex. Senka takes a quiet approach of intuition and refined craftsmanship to steer the winemaking process at Terravista.
With the first vintage in 2008, Terravista produces 1700 cases per year and they sell out quickly. All of the wines are award-winning. Recently, they took gold medals for the 2017 Albarino, 2017 Fandango and a silver for 2016 Figaro from the 2018 Wine Align awards.

About the Wines

This sample pack is a glimpse of the portfolio from Terravista Vineyards. They are beautifully made premium white wines that shouldn’t be missed. First up are two bottles of the lively 2017 Fandango, which is the flagship field blend of Albarino and Verdejo. The sunny 2017 Viognier is fantastic and only sold at the winery so you’ll be receiving two of those as well. Next is 2016 Figaro, a creamy and rich blend of Roussanne and Viognier named Figaro. Finally, the bright and refreshing 2017 Albarino. For fun, 24 sample packs will switch out one bottle of Viognier for the ultra rare 2016 Syrah. This Syrah is unreleased, not for sale to the public, and it’s stunning.
Terravista Vineyards is all about making beautiful wine to suit the special moments of your life. These wines are made with heart to nourish the drinker’s soul.


Selected Wines for Terravista Vineyards

2017 Albariño | Terravista Vineyards | $25.00

Tasting Notes | Lemon rind, apple blossom, ripe peach and wet stone. A  lively and substantial white that tastes like nectarine, juicy citrus  and sea salt with a long, bright finish.
Pairing | BBQ white fish with grilled OK orchard fruit salsa.
Drinking Recommendations | Chill and enjoy.
Why We Chose It | Albarino is an aromatic Spanish grape that is particularly known for having lively aromas that jump out of the glass. It is often likened to Sauvignon Blanc because it is versatile and approachable.

Al 14% | TA 8.8 | RS 4.3 | Cases Produced 

2 X 2017 Viognier | Terravista Vineyards | $23.00

Tasting Notes | An intoxicating nose of ripe stone fruit, nutmeg and orange blossom with a full and juicy mouthfeel. The palate shows notes of poached apricot and tangerine with a long and mouthwatering finish.
Pairing | Grilled quail with butter lettuce salad.
Drinking Recommendations | Chill and enjoy.
Why We Chose It | Senka Tennant has been making outstanding Viognier for nearly two decades. Cool evenings in the home vineyard are important to maintaining acidity in this Viognier.

Alc 14.5% | TA 7.2 | RS 4.5 | Cases Produced 

2 X 2017 Fandango | Terravista Vineyards| $25.00

Tasting Notes | Nectarine skin, citrus zest, and summer meadow jump out of the glass. The body is mouth filling with juicy peach and melon with hints of fresh cut grass and a stony minerality.
Pairing | Octopus ceviche.
Drinking Recommendations | Drink now.
Why We Chose It | Fandango is the flagship wine of Terravista and a field blend of Albarino and Verdejo. This means that the two grape varietals are grown, harvested and vinified together. To date internationally and locally, this is the only known blend of Verdejo and Albarino. How cool is that?

Al 14% | TA 8.4 | RS 4.4 | Cases Produced 900

2016 Figaro | Terravista Vineyards | $24.00

Tasting Notes | Lemon cream, almond paste and white flowers with a flinty minerality. A rich body with lively acidity and notes of honey soaked stone fruit and lavender sable.
Pairing | Linguine with clams.
Drinking Recommendations | Chill and enjoy or cellar for 2-5 years.
Why We Chose It | This is a unique blend of 65% Roussanne and 35% Viognier. It is perfect on a rainy summer day with a big bowl of pasta.  In cooler climates like the Okanagan Valley, Roussanne maintains elegance and bright acidity.

Al 14.2% | TA 7 | RS 4 | Cases Produced

VIP Members that place their orders Tuesday, August 7th will automatically included in the raffle for the wine below. 24 lucky VIP’s will get to exchange one of the 2017 Viognier for the exclusive library wine 2016 Syrah. This wine is only available to Terravista wine club members and the only red wine that Senka produces. 

2016 Syrah | Terravista Vineyards | $35.00

Tasting Notes | Intense blackberry, dried apricot, thyme, fig and black pepper. With palate notes displaying dark fruit, cedar bark, vanilla and cinnamon this Syrah has a silky, elegant body. The finish is never ending.
Pairing | Braised beef with pappardelle and summer herbs.
Drinking Recommendations | Enjoy now or cellar for 5-7 years.
Why We Chose It | This is the second vintage for Syrah at Terravista Vineyards. This further demonstrates the craftsmanship and intuitive winemaking style of Senka Tennant.This wine is unreleased and not available for purchase so it is very sought after.  Balanced and graceful, this Syrah is co-fermented with 8% Roussanne. This brings forward light aromatic notes and gives the body a silky style.

Al 14.1% | TA 6.4 | RS 2 | Cases Produced 

Price from Winery: $145.00 * Includes Bottle Deposit and Taxes
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