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Play Wine Pack

Exclusive Selection By OkanaganWine.Club & Play Estate Winery
Available Feb 12th
Vip’s: Feb 13th

Watch this quick video and meet Play Estate Winery

Meet Play Estate Winery

Play Estate Winery makes wine to celebrate life’s pleasures. “Play” is about enjoying the artistic beauties in life while drinking wine created in the Okanagan Valley to complement food, friends, and sunshine. Play reminds us that wine is good for the soul.

Fun and original, Play wines are made in an old-world style with a fresh twist. Play is the passion project of a group of entertainment and hospitality pros, including the Pechet family who own the Stagewest Hospitality brand based in Alberta. Play’s first vintage was produced in 2014 with a focus on lively, food-friendly wines. In 2016 a modern winery, wine shop, and bistro were built on Skaha Lake in Penticton, BC.

Winemaker Mo Awad is a sommelier with a hospitality background and a passion for food, friends, and family. Mo gained experience at premium local wineries and built his skills by making wine at home. Mo considers himself a wine “tender” because he lets his wines unfold naturally from vineyard to bottle. He is constantly educating himself on how to nurture his vineyard and allow the grapes to tell the story. Mo has a particular love of making red wine and is particularly excellent at crafting big, bold red blends.

Play wines are crafted with wild yeasts and a gentle approach in a mix of variously aged French oak and stainless steel tanks. The home vineyard at Play is still young, so although a few grapes are harvested there, most of Play’s grapes are sourced fromsustainably farmed vineyards in Naramata, Kaleden, and Oliver. Play produces about six thousand cases of wine every year.

Although the building is new, Play’s unique tasting room is reminiscent of a theatre from a different era. It exudes a whimsical retro feel and features artful projections of black-and-white Charlie Chaplin films and playbills from fabulous theatrical productions of old. In addition, a modern bistro with a warm and sunny elevated patio overlooks the vineyard and Skaha Lake. 


About the wines

The current Play wine pack is particularly amazing for entertaining guests in your home because, for the first time, the pack will include a MAGNUM of Red Carpet! A magnum is a large wine bottle that contains as much wine as two regular bottles. Perfect for impressing your friends as you enjoy each other’s company, a magnum also will cellar slowly and beautifully. Red Carpet is a special blend of Syrah and Cabernet Franc, and only two barrels were made. Winemaker Mo has signed and set aside the last few bottles of this rare wine especially for you. That is so exciting.

Because a magnum is the equivalent of two bottles, there are four other wines in this pack. Also included are the 2015 Applause and the 2014 Improv, stunning and full-bodied red blends that offer different grapes the leading role. The 2016 Viognier is a delicate but complex wine touched by French oak. To round out the pack, 2016 AdLib is a bright and fresh blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon that is perfect for a sunny afternoon. The twenty-four wine packs will switch out one 2016 Viognier for a library 2014 Viognier. It’s rare to see a white wine that features some bottle age, but this one has been aging beautifully and showing palate notes of marmalade, dried fruit, and toasted nuts. This February, go ahead and indulge in long meals with friends, family, and the Play wine pack. You’ll be glad you did.

Our Top Selected Wines from Play Estate Winery

2016 Ad Lib – Play Estate Winery – $23.00 – 750ml

Blend: 75% Sauvignon Blanc, 25% Semillon

Tasting Notes: A fresh nose of tropical fruit salad, mineral notes, spring blossoms and lemon. An electric blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon that is dry on the palate with flavours of pineapple, apricot and wet stones.

Pair:  This refreshing white would be perfect with frittata for a lazy Sunday brunch.

Drinking Recommendations:  Drink now.

Why We Chose It: Play Estate Winery has an amazing and sunny patio. AdLib is the quintessential sunny day/patio wine.

pH 3.4 | TA 5.9 | RS 2.4 | Alc 12.3%

2016 Improv – Play Estate – $28.75 – 750ml

Blend: 67% Merlot, 33% Syrah

Tasting Notes: Blueberries, stoney cassis, ripe black plum, coffee and toasted nuts on the nose of this rich, dark blend. Grippy tannins and a lemon rind acidity give way to palate notes of dark fruit, cloves and charred wood with a long finish.

Pair: Beef Stroganoff.

Drinking Recommendations: Decant for 1 hour and expect sediment or cellar for 3 years.

Why We Chose It: This Merlot based blend is luxurious and food friendly. It will surely satisfy all lovers of a rich, full-bodied red.

pH 3.6 | TA 6.8 | RS 2.3 | Alc 13.5%

2015 Applause – Play Estate Winery – $46.00 – 750ml

Tasting Notes: A striking and rich nose of black currant, raspberry, mint leaves and savoury roasted green pepper. A full bodied and intense blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Balanced tannins and a long finish are accompanied by notes of figs, coffee, black currant and bone broth.

Pair:  Steak Frites.

Drinking Recommendations:  Decant for 1 hour and expect sediment or cellar for 4 years.

Why We Chose It: This blend is dominant in Cabernet Sauvignon so it is an excellent steak wine but will also age beautifully in your cellar.

pH 3.9 | TA 6.0 | RS 2.5 | Alc 14.5%

2016 Viogner – Play Estate Winery – $27.60 – 750ml

Tasting Notes:  Delicate and fresh on the nose with aromas of apricot, spring blossoms and hazelnut whipped cream. This medium bodied wine has a lively vein of acidity, tropical notes and flavours that mimic the nose.

Pair:  BBQ pulled pork sandwiches for Superbowl Sunday.

Drinking Recommendations: Roast chicken.

Why We Chose It: This Viognier is partially aged in French oak for 5 months. This gives it a smooth mouthfeel and roasted flavours.

pH 3.4 | TA 6.8 | RS 11.3 | Alc 11.7%

2013 Red Carpet Magnum  – Play Estate Winery – $172.50 – 1.5L

Blend: 50% Cabernet Franc, 50% Syrah

Tasting Notes: Cognac soaked cherries, earthy tomato leaf, figs and nutmeg on the nose of this stunning full bodied blend of Cabernet Franc and Syrah. Mouthwatering acidity and fine tannins unfold palate notes of dried berries, cinnamon, milk chocolate and toasted nuts with an ongoing finish.

Pair: Braised lamb.

Drinking Recommendations: Decant for 1 hour and expect sediment or cellar for 2 years.

Why We Chose It: Winemaker Mo has been saving these Magnums just for you OWC members. Only two barrels of this wine was produced as a winery exclusive. Every magnum has a wax seal and is hand-signed by Mo. This wine has been developing beautifully in the bottle and will continue to appreciate for the next couple of years. Aged 3 years in French Oak.

pH 3.8 | TA 6.8 | RS 2.9 | Alc 14.0%

24 lucky VIP Members will enter the raffle to win the 2014 Viognier which will be swapped in for the 2016 Viognier


2014 Viognier – Play Estate Winery – 750ml

Tasting Notes: Heady notes of marmalade, toasted nuts and dried apricot draw the senses into a richly textured white wine with notes of dried banana, lemon rind and nuts with a chalky minerality.

Goat Cheese Ravioli.

Drinking Recommendations:  2 years.

Why We Chose It:  This Viognier has been developing in the bottle with gorgeous results. This is a rarity to find so you are in for a real treat.

pH 3.4 | TA 5.4 | RS 9.2 | Alc 12.0%

Price from Winery: $269.00 * Includes Bottle Deposit and Taxes


All packs will be sent via Canada Post or ATS weather permitting. 

$25 $30 $35 $40 $50


When is this Sample Pack Available?

VIP Members: Feb 12th 2018
All Members : Feb 13th 2018
Closing Date: Feb 15th 2018 @ Midnight

Countdown Until Offer Begins


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