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Watch this quick video and meet Virginia & John from Orofino Vineyards

Meet Orofino Vineyards

Since 2001, John and Virginia Webber have been growing grapes in the Similkameen Valley. Against the backdrop of the striking Orofino Mountain, the name of the game at Orofino Vineyards has always been crafting vineyard-focused wines in a hands-on, minimalist way.  Orofino expresses the natural beauty and diversity of the Similkameen Valley by making consistently quenchable wine.
There are a few points of difference that make Similkameen grapes unique.  Here the mountains are steep with sharp corners so there are varied sun exposures and temperatures that result in different microclimates within the pocketed vineyards that are planted here.  This allows the expression of different styles of wine growing based on where the grapes are planted within the Valley. The focus at Orofino is trying to get the best from each area they draw from. Unlike the Okanagan, there isn’t a moderating effect of a lake so it’s very hot during the day and quite cool at night. Grapes can ripen easily but retain great acidity which is quite indicative of fruit grown in the Similkameen Valley. Like the Okanagan, the terrain of the Similkameen was glacially formed. The soil has a base of old river rock with a lot of calcium carbonate. This shows through in the wines as a beautiful minerality which has created interest and sets the area apart.
Embracing the diverse terroir of the Similkameen Valley, Orofino showcases specific grapes from specific vineyards. A single vineyard wine is made by harvesting grapes from one plot of land and put into a bottle all on its own. If the wine is made in a hands-off style, this is like a window into the sense of place of that specific vineyard. However, differences in elevation or sunshine can show different expressions of the same grape. This also gives Orofino the freedom to craft a wide range of styles of wine. For Orofino, it comes down to managing and taking care of the vineyards and the grapes; treating them with respect. Here less is truly more, and confidence is shown through in the wines. This year marks the 16th vintage at Orofino and John and Virginia prioritize getting to know each vineyard more intimately as time goes on. The goal is to to be a steward of the process and to allow the wine to taste pure with every unique vintage.
Orofino has a growing home vineyard and they also have close relationships with a few of their neighbors who are dedicated, amazing grape farmers. They really value working closely with like-minded grape growers and believe that it all comes back to celebrating the sites they pour their heart and souls into. So much so that Orofino proudly notes the vineyard on the label and farmer information on the website.

Wine industry professionals in Canada and abroad have found a connection with the wines at Orofino. The wines are made in an honest fashion and there is a unique flavour profile based on the sense of place of these particular vineyards. Excitedly, sommeliers talk about the Similkameen and the vintage variation that can be seen at Orofino which always has a backbone of consistent quality and deliciousness. Because of the racy acidity and minerality in these wines, they are perfect for food pairing. There is also a trend in producing lower alcohol wines in the industry at the moment. This is a style that John and Virginia happen to appreciate and enjoy crafting and drinking themselves. John makes pure and honest wine that is an expression of the local area. From working with the community in allowing the grapes to wild ferment, the have fun exploring this niche appellation. There are no tricks in the cellar and most of the equipment they use is old, basic or repurposed. They also stay away from unnecessary fining or filtering, staying true to the full flavour profile of the wine.
Recently, Orofino received green certification for luxury guest suites they built to overlook the home vineyard and Orofino mountain. As in most developing wine regions, people are looking for a wide range of experience that goes beyond dropping into a few tasting rooms. John and Virginia wanted to offer the opportunity to slow down and enjoy all that the area has to offer by building two polished and serene guest suites. Typically, local wine enthusiasts enjoy the produce and wine of the Valley and promptly move on to the Okanagan or elsewhere but miss out on the undiscovered fun and charm of playing a local. They happily have lots of suggestions to get out and about to explore but also find that guests enjoy the serenity of getting away from it all.

About the Wines

The Orofino wine pack is full of 2016 vintages. 2016 is one of John’s favourite vintages because of the particular aromatics throughout the portfolio. It was very strange in that the season started very early; the earliest bud break they’ve ever had but with consistently beautiful weather throughout the summer.

First up is the 2016 Hendsbee Vineyard Riesling. A bright, bone-dry Riesling with mouthwatering acidity, this is an Orofino classic and a wine they are consistently recognized for. A great comparison is the 2016 Scout Vineyard Riesling which is slightly off-dry with great balance and a long, poised finish. The 2016 Blind Creek Vineyard Chardonnay spends time in both stainless steel and old oak barrels, this wine strikes a balance between the Old World and pure Similkameen fruit.

You’ll also receive three mouthwatering reds. 2016 Home Vineyard Pinot Noir is wild fermented, fresh and shows a great sense of place. Next is the ultra rare 2016 Hendsbee Vineyard Petit Verdot and the classic and beloved 2016 Red Bridge Red. This is a full-bodied and versatile red blend with great ageability. 24 VIP members will switch out the 2016 Pinot Noir for the sought after 2016 Gamay. This Gamay is very small production and loved by all types of wine pro. Cheers!



Selected Wines for Orofino Vineyards

2016 Scout Vineyard Riesling | Orofino Vineyards | $22.00

Tasting Notes | Inviting notes of yellow apple and a tropical breeze elegantly play off of each other with a juicy and textured mouthfeel. This slightly off-dry Riesling has great balance and a long, poised finish.
Pairing | Panang Prawn Curry.
Drinking Recommendations | Chill and enjoy or cellar for 6-9 years.
Why We Chose It | Scout Vineyard is down the road from the winery and proudly farmed by Murray and Maggie Fonteyne. The soil is uniquely harsh and rocky. For fermentation, John splits the juice into thirds of stainless steel, old oak barrels and locally made concrete tank. This gives the final wine a textured mouthfeel.
Cases Produced | 287
Alc. 12.6% | TA 8.05 | RS 7.5 | 

2016 Hendsbee Vineyard Riesling | Orofino Vineyards | $22.00

Tasting Notes | Crisp and concentrated lime and wet rocks awaken the nose and palate. A bright, bone-dry Riesling with mouthwatering acidity, this is an Orofino classic and a wine they are consistently recognized for.
Pairing | Japanese Gyoza.
Drinking Recommendations | Chill and enjoy or cellar for 6-9 years.
Why We Chose It | Cheryl and Lee Hendsbee own and meticulously farm this vineyard, which is adjacent to the home vineyard at Orofino. The soil has a deep base of gravel and river rock with rich soil on top. This is a stunning wine to compare with the Scout Vineyard Riesling now or cellar to see development in the bottle.
Cases Produced | 377

Alc. 12.1% | TA 7.7 | RS 4.5 | 

2016 Blind Creek Vineyard Chardonnay | Orofino Vineyards | $25.00

Tasting Notes | An inviting nose of lemon verbena, pineapple, summer savory, puff pastry, honey, almonds. The palate is mineral-driven and graceful with a rich mouthfeel and a beautiful, lingering finish.
Pairing | Seared scallops with fennel puree.
Drinking Recommendations | Chill and enjoy or cellar for 5-7 years.
Why We Chose It | Spending time in both stainless steel and old oak barrels, this wine strikes a balance between the Old World and pure Similkameen fruit.
Cases Produced | 136

Alc. 12.5% | TA 7 | RS 2.5 |

2016 Home Vineyard Pinot Noir | Orofino Vineyards | $32.00

Tasting Notes | A concentrated nose of rich cherry, crusted earth, and hints of spice. This is a vibrant and fresh Pinot Noir with a textured mouthfeel, fine tannins, and a long, elegant finish.
Pairing | Wild mushroom and caramelized onion flatbread.
Drinking Recommendations | Decant for 30 mins and enjoy or cellar for 4-6 years. Serve at 15°C.
Why We Chose It | Grown at the home vineyard, some of these vines are 28 years old. A blend of 5 different clones, this is a really interesting wine. This Pinot Noir is unfined, unfiltered, and 100% wild fermented so it’s a great expression of the Similkameen Valley.
Cases Produced | 517

Alc. 12.8% | TA 7.05 | RS 1.31 | 

2016 Petit Verdot | Orofino Vineyards | $45.00

Tasting Notes |  Look for notes of plum, dark chocolate, sage, blackberry, and lilac. This wine is a deep purple colour with rustic tannins that complement a full, silky body.
Pairing | Bacon wrapped pork with dried local herbs.
Drinking Recommendations | Decant for 30 mins and enjoy or cellar for 5-8 years.
Why We Chose It | This is a rarely seen single varietal expression of Petit Verdot, which is typically blended into Bordeaux style blends. The fruit for this special wine comes from both the home vineyard and the adjacent Hendsbee vineyard. This wine is unfined, unfiltered, and will cellar beautifully. This is a special opportunity as only 3 barrels were crafted.
Cases Produced | 143

Alc. 14.9% | TA 6.8 | RS 2 | 

2016 Red Bridge Red | Orofino Vineyards | $25.00

Tasting Notes | Notes of ripe dark fruit, a bouquet of dried local herbs and espresso. A rich palate with subtle minerality and soft tannins make this wine satisfying and fun to drink.
Pairing | Butcher’s sandwich.
Drinking Recommendations | Decant for 30 mins and enjoy or cellar for 5-8 years.
Why We Chose It | This is a classic wine from Orofino that has a strong following every vintage. The name is a nod to a local landmark bridge that crosses the Similkameen River.
Cases Produced | 925

Alc. 14.3% | TA 6.2 | RS 2.24 | 

VIP Members that place their orders Monday, September 17th will automatically included in the raffle for the wine below. 24 lucky VIP’s will get to exchange one of the 2016 Pinot Noir for the exclusive library and award winning wine 2016 Gamay. This wine is not available anywhere else. 

2016 Gamay | Orofino Vineyards | 

Tasting Notes | Raspberry, dusty plums, forest moss, bone broth, and wet stones. Light and lively acidity and delightful structure complement a spiced and compelling palate.
Pairing | Slow cooked confit duck.
Drinking Recommendations | Decant for 30 mins and enjoy or cellar for 4-6 years.
Why We Chose It | This wine is lively and fresh. These Gamay vines are planted on soil composed of angular granite shale, which gives the end result a unique flavour profile. This wine attracts a lot of attention from well-recognized sommeliers for its distinctiveness.
Cases Produced | N/A

Alc. 12.6% | TA 7.55 | RS 1.5 | 

Price from Winery: $171.00 * Includes Bottle Deposit and Taxes
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