Oak Barrels and Their Relationship With Wine [INFOGRAPHIC]

Of course, the classic form of storing and ageing wine is the use of oak barrels, or barriques. These have been used for centuries, and it doesn’t look like much is going to change any time soon. The art of cooperage – or oak barrel production – is a highly prized one in the world of viticulture, and there’s a huge amount of money involved, with individual barrels often costing more than a thousand dollars, depending on where they are from, and what type of oak wood they are made from. The most highly sought after barrels are those made from French Oak, which come from trees planted during the Napoleonic wars. These are said to offer more subtle and spicy flavours, and impart a far silkier texture to the wine. American Oak (white oak), on the other hand, is generally more affordable, and is known for its hints of vanilla and coconut, as well as a distinctively creamy texture.
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Alex Anderson is a wine writer, graphic designer, and holds a WSET Advanced certificate with distinction. She is also a CMS certified sommelier and Wine Align apprentice judge at the NWAC (National Wine Awards of Canada). Alex is a Vancouverite with a passion for wine, communication and design. A sommelier by night, and an international freelance graphic artist and writer by day. You can connect and follow her vibrant and insightful wine endeavours on Instagram @wine.with.alexx


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