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Watch this quick video and meet Desert Hills Estate Winery

Meet Desert Hills Winery

Desert Hills creates wines to reflect the dry and sunny landscape of the south Okanagan. Located on the famous Black Sage Bench in Oliver, Desert Hills is a family winery that tells the story of dreams coming true.

A trio of brothers, Randy, Jessie, and Dave Toor, purchased an apple orchard in 1988. They soon discovered that the land was ideal for grape growing and began a journey by planting a vineyard. In 1992, twenty-five acres were planted, surprisingly coexisting within a landscape of cactuses, rattlesnakes, and black widow spiders.In the beginning the grapes were sold to wineries. With initial success the Toor brothers purchased and began farming more vineyards. They had a vision to craft their own wine, and in 2003 Desert Hills released its first vintage. Desert Hills wines are concentrated and reflective of the sandy desert climate they call home. The wine is wildly aromatic, complex, and rich in style. Desert Hills has developed an international reputation for crafting wines that are expressive of the south Okanagan Valley, with layers and complexity.

Winemaker Anthony Buchanan is a highly respected winemaker in the Okanagan. At the age of twenty-six, Anthony joined the Opimian Society, a private, international wine club. After tasting his first Gevrey-Chambertin, he fell in love with Pinot Noir. His passion for wine pulled him from owning a successful business in Victoria and led him to wine education, and then to experience at highly regarded wineries. Anthony is hardworking and meticulous in making wine; he sees wine with an appreciation of its innate beauty and subtleties. Anthony is a fairly new addition to Desert Hills, and the Toor family couldn’t be more pleased. Anthony also crafts wine under a label of his own name. He is making Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc and is expanding the portfolio. Anthony is a winemaker who believes that great wine begins in the vineyard. The focus is on growing healthy, beautiful grapes, then guiding them gently in the winery. His wines are rich but lively and very representative of the terroir of the Black Sage Bench.

About the wines

Desert Hills farms grapes from five vineyards in the south Okanagan, including the twenty-five-acre home block called Three Boys Vineyard. Planted in 1992, this vineyard featured the first Syrah plantings of the south Okanagan. With the environment in mind, no harsh sprays are used in the vineyard, and tractor passes are kept to a minimum. All of the grapes at Desert Hills are hand picked and hand sorted. These wines are aged in French oak in a variety of ages and toasts. Crisp whites are fermented in stainless steel for freshness. In the winery, both traditional and modern winemaking techniques are used with a delicate hand. The intention is to showcase how the hot climate and sandy soil frames wine that is velvety and complex. Desert Hills produces twelve thousand cases annually.

Groundhog Day 2018 predicts that we have a wee bit more winter to go. Let’s embrace the chilly weather and enjoy some rich reds and ripe whites. The first wine is 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, a wine that has had a highly anticipated revival at Desert Hills. This is a tropical and lush Sauvignon Blanc that is distinctly Okanagan. Next, the ripe and mineral-driven 2016 Viognier. The 2014 Cactus Red is a juicy but savoury red blend that will make your mouth water. From there, Desert Hills is giving us a sneak peak into its library of back-vintage wines. The bold 2012 Syrah is a wine worthy of decanting and accompanying a nice meal, as is the silky and satisfying 2012 Merlot. The 2013 Reserve Zinfandel is very rare and such a treat. It is rich and earthy. Twenty-four lucky members will replace the 2012 Merlot with Anthony Buchanan Pinot Noir 2015 “Ashlyn” from his personal label. This wine is named after Anthony’s daughter. The grapes come from Sonora Pines Vineyard in Oliver, resulting in a Pinot Noir that is rich with soft tannins.

Desert Hills is a beloved fixture on the Black Sage Bench and in the community of Oliver. It has paved the way for so many others by showing us that with vision and hard work, dreams really do come true.

Our Top Selected Wines from Desert Hills Estate Winery

2016 Sauvignon Blanc – Desert Hills Estate Winery – $21.65

Tasting Notes: A bright nose of ripe passion fruit, citrus, gooseberry and dried sage. This Sauvignon Blanc is lively with light grassy notes, tropical flavours and a long, flinty finish.

Pair: Chicken Caesar salad with sourdough croutons.

Drinking Recommendations:  Enjoy now.

Why We Chose It: Grown on the banks of Lake Osoyoos, these grapes get a lot of sunshine and have ripe tropical flavours. Because of the desert heat and sandy soil, this is a uniquely south Okanagan Sauvignon Blanc. Desert Hills Sauvignon Blanc went on hiatus for a while, so this is an exciting return for many.

pH 3.29 | TA 6.6 | RS 3.7 | Alc. 13.3%

2016 Viognier – Desert Hills Estate Winery – $21.65

Tasting Notes: Heady aromas of orange blossom, Okanagan stone fruit and ripe tropical notes. This medium-bodied Viognier has a mouthwatering minerality and tastes like apricot and mandarin. The finish is long and satisfying.

Pair: Goat cheese and a fresh baguette.

Drinking Recommendations: Enjoy now.

Why We Chose It: These grapes are grown just north of Osoyoos and develop ripe flavours with a refreshing minerality. This wine is perfect for a sunny afternoon.

pH 3.3 | TA 6.52 | RS 7.0 | Alc. 12.8%

2014 Cactus Red – Desert Hills Estate Winery – $16.44

Blend: 27% Merlot, 26% Cabernet Franc, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 22% Syrah

Tasting Notes: An inviting nose of muddled berries, smoked herbs and toasted wood. This is a medium-bodied blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah. Integrated tannins and a medium body balance this ripe blend.

Pair:  Gourmet burger.

Drinking Recommendations: Enjoy now.

Why We Chose It: Cactus Red is a value-driven blend that satisfies every craving for a vibrant red with substance. There is an aspect of lightness to this wine because 50% of this was aged in French oak, the other half in stainless steel.

pH 3.8 | TA 6.15 | RS 2.0 | Alc. 14%

2013 Reserve Zinfandel – Desert Hills Estate Winery – $34.70 

Tasting Notes: An enticing musk of dark stewed fruit, toasted hazelnuts and coffee. This Zin is rich in body with grippy tannins and palate notes of dark chocolate, black olives and plums.

Pair: Steak Frites with truffle butter.

Drinking Recommendations: Decant for 30 mins or cellar for two years.

Why We Chose It:  These well-established vines are grown on the home vineyard, Three Boys Vineyard which was planted in 1994. Typically the older the vine is, the more concentrated the grape flavour becomes. It’s rare to find Zinfandel in the Okanagan so enjoy this special wine.

Alc. 13.8%

2012 Merlot  – Desert Hills Estate Winery – $21.65

Tasting Notes: A rustic nose of cherry, dried herbs, coffee and charred wood. This Merlot has a lively acidity and cocoa powder tannins. The palate is compelling with notes of dried plum, espresso and smoke. The finish is lengthy.

Pair: Charcuterie.

Drinking Recommendations: Decant for 30 mins.

Why We Chose It: This Merlot has had some time to develop in the bottle. It’s so much fun to cellar wine, but it’s also a treat when the winery does it for you. Desert Hills has graciously reached into their library just for you members. Enjoy this beautiful, developing and elegant Merlot. These grapes come from Eagles Nest Vineyard, and the vines are 12 years old.

Alc 13.2%

2012 Syrah – Desert Hills Estate Winery – $32.09

Tasting Notes: Brooding aromas of smoked black cherry, bacon lardon and white pepper. A bold Syrah that has developed flavours of dark chocolate, espresso, black fruit, tar and smoked meat with a long finish.

Pair: Bison Carpaccio.

Drinking Recommendations: Decant for 30 mins.

Why We Chose It: This Syrah was the first to be planted in the South Okanagan at the Three Boys Vineyard in 1994. It is representative of the vision for the future the Toor brothers had. This is another selection from the library of back vintage wine at Desert Hills.

Alc 13.8%

By placing your order today, you’re automatically included in tomorrows raffle. 24 lucky VIP’s will get to exchange the 2012 Merlot for the  2015 ” Ashlyn” Pinot Noir from winemaker Anthony Buchanan.


2015 “Ashlyn” Pinot Noir – Anthony Buchanan – $26.09

Tasting Notes: This wine is expressive and richly fragranced showing aromas of wild strawberry, baked earth, sagebrush and star anise. Dusty, balanced tannins and seamless structure lead to indulgent flavours that reflect the nose with a long, pensive finish.

French cassoulet.

Drinking Recommendations:  Decant for 30 mins or cellar for two years.

Why We Chose It:  Pinot Noir (Gevrey-Chambertin) is what made winemaker Anthony Buchanan turn his head towards the wine industry. This is a very special wine made under Anthony’s personal label with only 80 cases produced.  Anthony Buchanan is a passion project that is growing its portfolio. This wine is subtitled “Ashlyn” for his daughter.These grapes are from the Sonora Pines Vineyard in Oliver which was planted in 2005 with Dijon Clone 115. Anthony Buchanan employs simple but sensible winemaking.

Price from Winery: $171.00 * Includes Bottle Deposit and Taxes


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