Today, the bulk of grape varieties that crop up in Okanagan Valley's vineyards are a wide representation of familiar international varieties like Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and more. But as a discerning fan of the region's wines, you'll probably have seen other names like Vidal Blanc or Marechal Foch on wine labels. These varieties are known as hybrids and for many decades, they dominated Okanagan's vineyards. But what are hybrids and why are they important to Okanagan Valley's winemaking legacy? Join us as we take a look. Most grapes used in wine production come from the species vitis vinifera. Hybrid grapes are born by crossing v. vinifera and other

Why You Need to Drink More Sparkling Wine Birthdays, anniversaries, New Year's Eve. Most folks tend to save their bottles of sparkling wine for life's big moments. There's nothing wrong in stashing the bubbles away for a big day, but if you leave sparkling wine on the shelf as an occasion wine, you're missing out. Yes, sparkling wine is special. Those few extra steps that winemakers take to put the bubble in your bubbly elevate any get-together or tête-à-tête from the ordinary. Nothing beats the prickle of your taste buds as the bubbles pop and the thirst-quenching acidity revitalizes your palate. There are plenty of excuses to drink more

Amazingly varied, incredibly expressive and endlessly fascinating, Riesling is a true white wine lover’s grape varietal. In restaurants and wine bars from Brooklyn to Berlin, from Osaka to right here in Okanagan, this Germanic grape has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years, as a new generation of wine fans have discovered its charms and have been utterly seduced by its myriad qualities.