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Spring is here and as the days are finally beginning to grow longer. It's time to move away from those rich, heavy winter wines to something more seasonally appropriate. Fortunately for us, Okanagan Valley is home to a treasure trove of springtime wines. They're bright, zesty, and full of lovely fruit flavours that complement the seasonal dishes we'll be starting to see. So stash your full-bodied wines in your cellar and make way for the lighter styles that will set the tone for the months to come. Whites Wines for Spring During the winter months, many of us may have found ourselves enjoying generous oak touched Chardonnays or heady Viogniers

By now, fans of Okanagan's phenomenal wines will know the more famous subregions found around the valley. These regions and their wineries are continuing to receive well-deserved recognition in the form of praise and awards from other corners of the wine world. We've sampled wines from the Golden Mile and sipped on Black Sage-Osoyoos. But there's more to BC wine country and more emerging regions to explore – a wonderful thing for all us wine lovers! Thompson Shuswap and Kamloops are two rising stars in British Columbia. Though small, their wines are mighty in flavour, complexity, and of course, drinkability. Though not home to as many vineyards as the

If there's anything better than wine, it's more wine! The standard 750 ml bottle may be our go-to for day to day life, but sometimes, the occasion calls for something bigger. Enter the large format wine bottle. These beauties can hold anywhere from two standard sized bottles of wine up to twenty – although the latter is incredibly rare. Many of these big bottles take their names from Biblical kings of old and if you drink like a king, large format wine bottles are the way to go. They're a great way to impress your guests or fellow partygoers, add more of a celebratory flair to a gathering,

Perhaps you've toyed with the thought of wine investment. If you've dabbled in collecting, it's the next logical step. Before you decide to take the plunge, here are a few things to know. Why Invest? The first question, of course, is why invest in wine in the first place? Well, fine wine can appreciate in value over time. It's true that you won't get any return on your investment until the wine is sold but if you're savvy with how you buy, you can make a nice profit and drink a bottle or two to boot. Things to Consider When Buying There are a few basic things to keep in mind