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As the days grow shorter and the mercury begins to plummet in our thermometers, is there anything finer to eat at the end of a long, chilly day than a delicious, warming bowl of soup? It’s the ultimate versatile food - almost any ingredient can be cooked through and blended to produce a highly satisfying, hearty dinner that spreads through the body like your own interior central heating system. However, if you’re the kind of person who can’t imagine sitting down to dinner without a glass of wine by your side (and we imagine that you most certainly are such a person, being a reader of this blog),

Amazingly varied, incredibly expressive and endlessly fascinating, Riesling is a true white wine lover’s grape varietal. In restaurants and wine bars from Brooklyn to Berlin, from Osaka to right here in Okanagan, this Germanic grape has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years, as a new generation of wine fans have discovered its charms and have been utterly seduced by its myriad qualities. As Riesling’s star continues to rise, and more and more people express their love for the ancient green grape of central Europe, we thought it’s time we delved a little deeper into what makes this varietal so special. As such, we’ve put together a list

Today, the possibilities of what one can do scientifically with grapes and grapevines is almost limitless. The progress made in the natural sciences have been dazzling and dizzying, to say the least, and every bottle of wine we drink has benefited from our greater understanding of how to produce more characterful, flavourful and aromatic fruit. It’s impossible to talk about the science of viticulture without making some mention of clones. While once this term was saved mainly for the scientific community, consumers and wine fans are beginning to see it more and more on the labels of their favourite bottles, and are taking a deeper interest into where their

The other day, I heard for perhaps the thousandth time in my life the following cliche: “Oh, X is like fine wine… it gets better with age”, where X usually refers to a person, self-conscious about the fact that none of us are getting any younger. This got me asking myself the following questions: does all fine wine improve with age? Do any poor quality wines also improve with age? Which wines - if any - are best drunk young and fresh, and the younger the better? And most pertinently of all - what actually happens to wine as it ages? There’s no doubt about the fact that the

Apart from wine, how many foods or drinks can you name which come with their own sets of rules? Granted, there are a couple of local specialities here and there which tradition dictates must be consumed in a certain way (don’t get a Brit started on whether the milk comes before or after the water when making a cup of tea), but wine really does take the crown when it comes to supposed ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways to drink. The problem is, wine is a highly varied, ever-evolving and complex product, which - when one stops and thinks about it for a second - simply cannot be constrained