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Amazingly varied, incredibly expressive and endlessly fascinating, Riesling is a true white wine lover’s grape varietal. In restaurants and wine bars from Brooklyn to Berlin, from Osaka to right here in Okanagan, this Germanic grape has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years, as a new generation of wine fans have discovered its charms and have been utterly seduced by its myriad qualities.

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Oh, Riesling, perhaps the noblest of the noble grapes. Honey-scented tinged with the gentle aroma of newly blossomed citrus and orchard trees, it's the racy, regal, mineral-driven wine that is so hard not to fall in love with. The king of aromatic grapes, a glass of fine Riesling is a gustatory and sensory experience par excellence. But Riesling is more than just a pretty face. We all know by now that few things in life go together better than food and wine and Riesling's food friendliness puts it a cut above so many other wines. The key here is acid. Acid is that lovely palate refresher that gets your

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