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Watch this quick video and meet Anarchist Mountain Vineyard and Chris Carson
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Meet Anarchist Mountain Vineyard

Anarchist Mountain Vineyard is a very small producer with a four-and-a-half acre vineyard on forty acres of mountain wilderness in Osoyoos. Uniquely, this vineyard sits on the east side of Anarchist Mountain, seven hundred feet above the valley floor. With a stunning view, this vineyard gets a ton of sunshine with cool mountain breezes among sagebrush and rattlesnakes.
Anarchist Mountain Vineyard marked its first vintage in 2011. It is a passion project for owners Andrew and Terry Stone, who are originally from Alberta. Anarchist Mountain is making fine wine that is expressive of the elevated vineyard and the old age of the vines. These wines are elegant yet structured and surprisingly poised for being situated so far south Okanagan. We have been wanting to show off these gems for a long time!
The vineyard was planted more than twenty years ago with Chardonnay, Merlot, and Pinot Noir. The grapes are farmed by Andrew Stone. Andrew aims to showcase the purest expression of his vineyard by meticulously caring for his mature vines on this unique plateau. Andrew takes a sustainable and gentle approach in the vineyard.  He has a real connection with the site and views growing grapes as a passion and an art. The wines are all excellent examples of elegant, cool-climate, BC wines. They are complex, mineral-driven, and full of finesse.
When Andrew began as a grape grower, he apprenticed under Chris Carson, who is now the winemaker for Anarchist. Chris Carson is the winemaker and viticulturist at Meyer Family Vineyard and produces a Pinot Noir under his own name, “Carson.” Anarchist Mountain Vineyard is a custom-crush client for Meyer Family Vineyard. This means that Andrew grows the grapes, and after they have been harvested, he brings them to Meyer Family Vineyard for Chris to do his part. Chris and Andrew work together to express the beauty of Anarchist Mountain Vineyard.
Chris has a very gentle hand in the winery because he believes that beautiful wine is made in the vineyard. His approach reflects a sense of place, and he allows the wines to develop naturally. His wines are full of subtlety, intrigue, and complexity. Chris is one of the Okanagan’s most talked-about winemakers, and he has been at Meyer Family Vineyard since 2008. He has a particular love of Pinot Noir for its elegance and its unique vineyard variation. He draws on his work experience from Central Otago in New Zealand, which only produces Pinot Noir for red varietals. Chris also has a degree in Oenology/Viticulture from the esteemed Lincoln University in NZ.

About the wines

This wine pack is perfect for enhancing a conversation or meal with friends and family. Anarchist strives to produce wines with finesse and elegance above all else. The vineyard produces just fewer than six hundred cases of wine every year and only three different wines. This portfolio is so limited that you cannot purchase most of the wines anywhere but here.
To begin with, the pack includes two bottles of the stunning 2016 Elevation Chardonnay. These vines are more than thirty years old, so this is a compelling and mineral-driven Chardonnay. Next is a pair of the 2016 Mayhem, a lively and savoury blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. You will be glad you have two! You will also enjoy one bottle of the 2016 Wildfire Pinot Noir, which is currently sold out. This Pinot Noir is elegant, light, and structured. Last but certainly not least is the 2015 Carson Pinot Noir.
As mentioned above, Carson is the personal label of Chris Carson, of which he only makes Pinot Noir. This Pinot Noir comes from an elevated vineyard in Naramata and is given the same hands-off treatment in the winery as all of his other wines are. This Pinot Noir is complex yet rich and truly shows the passion and experience of Chris as a Pinot Noir enthusiast. This wine pack has been so highly anticipated that we are sure to sell out early. All of these wines are made with passion and a love of the grape for your enjoyment. Cheers!

This 6 bottle Selection includes 2 Elevation Chardonnay, 2 Mayhem, 1 Wildfire Pinot Noir and 1 Chris Carson Pinot Noir

The Featured Wines You Will Be Enjoying

2016 Elevation Chardonnay – Anarchist Mountain Vineyard

Tasting Notes: Lemon curd, pineapple, fresh biscuit and hazelnut cream on the nose. This Chardonnay has lively acidity and mouthwatering minerality. The palate mirrors the nose with a long finish.
Pair: White fish with herb butter.
Drinking Recommendations: Enjoy now or cellar for two years.
Why We Chose It: These Chardonnay vines are 32 years old! One of the oldest in the South Okanagan.

pH 3.56 | TA 5.69 | RS 1.0 | Alc 13.2% | 195 Cases Produced

2016 Wildfire Pinot Noir – Anarchist Mountain Vineyard 

Tasting Notes: Cherry, wild herbs, smoked meat and ground cinnamon. This wine is elegant, light bodied yet complex. The palate is fresh but structured with rustic notes of cranberry, black tea and cracked caramel.
Pair: Pan-fried trout with spring kale.
Drinking Recommendations: 
Why We Chose It: Pinot Noir is a variety that is very expressive of its terroir. These vines were planted in 1994, so this wine has a lot of depth and complexity.

pH 3.65 | TA 6.57 | RS 1.0 | Alc 13.5% | Cases Produced: 95

2016 Mayhem – Anarchist Mountain Vineyard 

Co-ferment 67% Merlot & 33% Cabernet Franc
Tasting Notes: A lighter bodied red blend with aromas of dusty blackberry, wild herbs and black pepper. Bright acidity and soft tannins reveal flavours of milk chocolate, plum, sage and baking spice.
Pair: Bison carpaccio pizza.
Drinking Recommendations: Enjoy now or cellar for two years.
Why We Chose It: This is a unique Bordeaux style wine from the south Okanagan because it is refreshing, light and fruit forward. The fruit was harvested a bit early to preserve acidity and fruit character. The Cabernet Franc is from neighbours, Red Brick Vineyard on the east bench of Osoyoos.

pH 3.73 | TA 5.94 | RS 1.0 | Alc 13.66% | Cases Produced: 230

2015 Pinot Noir – Chris Carson

Tasting Notes: Cherry, horse saddle, black tea and smoked meat. A rich, silky texture, dusty tannins and a long, velvety finish with savoury red fruit flavours.
Pair: Roast chicken with pancetta and mushrooms.
Drinking Recommendations: Enjoy now or cellar for two years.
Why We Chose It:  This wine is a labour of love by a winemaker who specializes in Pinot Noir. It fermented wild and is unfined and unfiltered. It is beautiful, compelling and a must try.

pH 3.76 | TA 5.6 | RS 1.0 | Alc 14% | Cases Produced: 300

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