About Us


As you may know, the Okanagan Valley is the heart of the wine industry in British Columbia. The wineries drawing the most attention tend to be the large corporate wineries, the ones with a huge marketing budget that take advantage of their size and purchasing power to create an industrial volume of wine to be sold in Canada and beyond. While some of these wines are good, they are not the type of wines we feature at Okanagan Wine Club. We’re different. We like the little guy. The passion. The dedication. The desire to produce a world-class wine that people like you will love. We work tirelessly to share their stories, raw and direct, taking you behind the scenes and showing you the true story - not a blurb from some corporate marketing department. By highlighting these hidden gems of the Okanagan wine industry, we are giving you a chance to taste the work of small, local, passionate winemakers and owners who are dedicated to producing wines that belong on the world stage. Along the way, we'll teach you about why the Okanagan wine region is so unique (the climate, soils, and even the wine makers, expand your palet, and have more fun!

Ivan Gonzalez

Entrepreneur, snowboard enthusiast, and aspiring wine-nerd. Originally from Mexico City, but proud to call Canada his second home, this multilingual, multitalented, and multinational guy has a simple vision: to bring the wine community together in hopes of making the Okanagan Valley the No. 1 wine destination in the world.

Stephanie LeBlanc
Wine Director

Epicurean enthusiast, world traveler and nature lover. An east coast girl at heart, Stephanie has been studying and breathing wine for nearly a decade. Currently undertaking WSET 3 and working diligently to show off what the Okanagan has to offer.