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Pure Okanagan expression through concrete

Haywire is a small winery located in Summerland,BC. In 2011 owners Christine Coletta and Steve Lornie built Okanagan Crush Pad, a 30,000-case wine-making facility that offers custom crush services in addition to producing its own wines, Haywire and Narrative. This sample pack is focused on Haywire, which produces 10,000 cases per year. Situated on a 10 acre lot, Haywire sits looking over the lake. The focus of Haywire is producing fresh, vibrant wines that are made using concrete tanks. Winemaker Matt Dumayne works with consultants Alberto Antonini and Pedro Parra who share the mandate of organic farming and holistic vineyard operation by practising biodiversity and natural winemaking. The name Haywire is an old Canadian colloquialism , originally used for baling hay, which tended to tangle in a chaotic way. The term also describes Coletta and Lornie’s transition from city dwellers to farmers and winery owners.

Haywire wines are crafted in concrete tanks with wild yeasts and a gentle winemaking approach. They also use a small amount of clay amphorae vessels. The intention is to showcase the micro climate and the wild, natural beauty of this area.  Concrete is a neutral material that allows the grapes and yeast to work together to produce clean and fresh tasting wine. The concrete tanks are in the shape of an egg and this egg shape encourages circulation within the vessel that keeps the contents in contact with each other to create depth. All of the vines are either in transition to be certified organic or have already been certified such as the home vineyards Switchback Vineyard and Garnet Valley Ranch. At Haywire, there is a dedication and passion for crafting fine natural wine with a distinct purity and balance.

Winemaker Matt Dumayne is originally from New Zealand and has worked as a travelling winemaker for many years before settling in the Okanagan. In fact, the 2017 season will mark his thirtieth vintage. Dumayne has gained a reputation for making some of the most innovative wines in the Okanagan. Matt’s mandate is drinkability and simplicity. Dumayne has been an  integral part in the evolution of the Haywire portfolio.  His wines are impactful, and more and more customers understand and embrace them for their creamy and polished texture.

About this original Sample Pack

Haywire produces Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Gamay and Pinot Noir. Matt says  that Summerland is an ideal place to be producing exquisite cool climate Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir in particular. This sample pack is a snapshot of the portfolio to show terroir subtlety and also the balance that is found when using concrete vessels. To awaken the palate, we introduce this sample pack with the Traditional Method, no sugar added and wild fermented The Bub 2015. Then we show you the elegant Water and Banks Sauvignon Blanc 2015 and the creamy Switchback Pinot Gris 2015. We are also excited to share the lush Chardonnay 2014 and the dry and complex Seacrest Mountain Gamay Noir Rose 2016. The Waters and Banks Pinot Noir 2014 is light, structured and stunning. It is a must-try if you are a Pinot Noir lover! As we typically offer, 24 lucky members will receive the opulent  Seacrest Mountain Chardonnay 2016 instead of the 2014 Chardonnay.

At Haywire, making lively and pure organic wines in concrete eggs is the focus. The winemaking approach is hands-off; demonstrating patience and respect for natural processes. All of these wines are compelling with complex and layered palate notes. Okanagan Crush Pad is open seven days a week in beautiful Summerland, BC.

Sample Pack Preview

2015 The Bub – Secrest Mountain Vineyard – Haywire – Okanagan Crush Pad

Blend: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

Tasting Notes: A clean and refreshing nose with notes of citrus, toast and fresh bread dough. The bone dry palate is creamy and tastes like yellow apples, almonds and lemon zest. The finish is long and flinty.

Pair: Linguine with clams and fennel..

Drinking Recommendations: Drink now or cellar for 5 years.

Why We Chose It: This traditional method sparkling is made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with no sugar added in the dosage.

Fun Fact: These grapes come from both Secrest Mountain vineyard in Oliver and the Watkin Family vineyard in Summerland.

Alcohol: 12.0%

2016 Gamay Noir Rosé – Secrest Mountain Vineyard – Haywire – Okanagan Crush Pad

Tasting Notes: Aromas of cranberry, pink grapefruit and smoked Okanagan herbs. This Rose has a luxurious mouthfeel with notes of wild raspberry and rose with a distinguishable minerality.

Pair: Grilled chicken with lemon and herbs.

Drinking Recommendations: Enjoy now.

Why We Chose It: This is a lively and mineral driven single varietal Rose that is reflective of the gravel and limestone content in the vineyard soil.

Fun Fact: The Gamay grapes are from Secrest Vineyard in Oliver, which is in its second year of transition to organic certification.

Alcohol: 13.5%

2015 Sauvignon Blanc – Waters and Banks Vineyard – Haywire – Okanagan Crush Pad

Tasting Notes: Refreshing notes of lemongrass, yellow apples and thyme with a stoney minerality. The palate has a striking purity and bright acidity with flavours of creamy white peach and grapefruit. Very long finish.

Pair: Roasted cauliflower salad.

Drinking Recommendations: Enjoy now or cellar for 3 years.

Why We Chose It: This Sauvignon Blanc is whole bunch pressed and goes through malolactic fermentation.

Fun Fact: Transitioning to organic certification, Waters and Banks is a steep and granitic vineyard in Summerland.

Alcohol: 13.5%

2015 Pinot Gris – Switchback Vineyard – Haywire – Okanagan Crush Pad

Tasting Notes: Tropical fruit, apple strudel and pine needle on the nose. With a lush mouthfeel this poised wine shows palate notes of guava, lemongrass and stonefruit.

Pair: Chinese noodles.

Drinking Recommendations: Enjoy now or cellar for 3 years.

Why We Chose It: These grapes were harvested early to maintain elegance and acidity. Also, 5 micro harvests and ferments were done and then blended together.

Fun Fact: Switchback Organic Vineyard has been certified since 2011 and is planted beside orchard and forest for a vibrant ecosystem.

Alcohol: 12.9%

2014 Chardonnay – Switchback Vineyard – Haywire – Okanagan Crush Pad

Tasting Notes: Lemon zest, roasted apple and pear tart on the nose of this clean tasting Chardonnay. A tactile mouthfeel leads way into palate more notes of stone fruit and bright citrus.

Pair: Smoked whitefish pate.

Drinking Recommendations: Enjoy now or cellar up to 5 years.

Why We Chose It: This is a single vineyard Chardonnay grown in Summerland.

Fun Fact: As with all of the other Haywire wines, this Chardonnay is completely unoaked and fermented wild.

Alcohol: 12.9%

2014 Pinot Noir – Waters and Banks Vineyard – Haywire – Okanagan Crush Pad

Tasting Notes: Wild aromas of cherry, cinnamon, dusty earth and currant. This ultra-elegant wine has a light body and a ton of finesse. The palate displays notes of plum, bramble and coffee with a persistent finish.

Pair: Chinese noodles.

Drinking Recommendations: Enjoy now or cellar for 5 years.

Why We Chose It: This Pinot Noir is whole bunch pressed and treated very gently in the winery.

Fun Fact: Waters and Banks is a steep vineyard that faces East/West that enjoys a constant breeze.

Alcohol: 13.6%


24 of these bottles will be raffled to VIP Members that buy on the first day:

2016 Chardonnay  – Secrest Vineyard – Haywire – Okanagan Crush Pad

Tasting Notes: Ripe notes of papaya, light citrus and stonefruit jump out of the glass. This Chardonnay has a sexy, opulent feel with mango and lemon drop on the palate.

Pair: After  twelve hours of skin contact, this Chardonnay goes into a small concrete egg for eight months.

Drinking Recommendations: Enjoy now or cellar for 5 years.

Why We Chose It: After  twelve hours of skin contact, this Chardonnay goes into a small concrete egg for eight months.

Fun Fact: Secrest Mountain is also planted with Gewurztraminer, Gamay Noir, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris.

Alcohol: 12.5%

When is this Sample Pack Available?

VIP Members: September 7th 2017
All Members : September 8th 2017
Closing Date: September 13th 2017

Prices: We want you to learn about the wines and the winery for what they are, prices from the winery will be revealed September 8th

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