How Wine Sample Packs Work

Looking for a BC Wine Club? Well we got you covered!

We Taste

BC Wine Club | We Taste

We hit the road, visit wineries, meet their team and taste their wines! We look for wines and wineries that you have not yet discovered or need to try! We then partner with these wineries to offer our members a taste of our curated discoveries. It’s a hard job we know :)

We Select and Present

BC Wine Club | We Select

We select 6 wines from a winery that we feel compliment each other and represent the winery. Sometimes there is a theme we follow, sometimes we just present 6 amazing wines. Wine is about exploring. Wine Sample Packs are priced by the wineries. These 6 bottles packs can cost between $120 - $220. It all depends on the wines selected and the winery in turn.

We Educate and You Decide

BC Wine Club | You Decide

These Sample Packs are not available always, they are limited time offer. We present to you everything you need to know about the wine and the winery. Are these wines for you? If so, you place your order through our partner winery's checkout page during the limited time offer period. You will be purchasing your wine sample pack directly from the winery and supporting a local British Columbia business. (You must subscribe to get your order link.) Remember its FREE to join.

Wine Arrives

BC Wine Club | We Ship

When the sample pack offer period ends, the work begins for the winery. Packages are built and booklets containing information of each wines are added. Then the wine is shipped directly to you. Don't worry, the winery will let you know when your wine has been shipped!

You Drink

BC Wine Club | You Drink

YAAAAA!! You got your 6 new wines to explore! Now you drink it, share it or save it for a special day. Either way, let us know what you think :)

You Share

BC Wine Club | You Share

Wine is better with friends. We don't mean you HAVE to share your wine! But if you shared OkanaganWine.Club with your friends we would be really happy! Come see what our BC Wine Club has in store for you.